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About Us

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​The Purpose of the Central Mississippi Blues Society, Inc. is:


A.  To promote the blues and culture of blues music in the Metro Jackson area  and the Central Mississippi region through:

      1) Promoting local artists, as well as regional and national talent.

      2) Fostering an appreciation of the blues and educating the public about the blues.

      3) Supporting charitable and educational activities useful to the individual

         and beneficial to the communities served by the program.


B.   To support musicians and blues clubs by encouraging live performances of blues.


C.   To exchange information about blues-related events by providing a forum in the Central Mississippi area where people can share their appreciation and love for the blues.


D.   To support community events and organizations by sponsoring events that will benefit the general community.

CMBS, Inc. Meets


of the month. 


Check our FaceBook page for location and time. 



 members are welcome to attend

Our Officers

President: Malcolm Shepherd

Vice President: Pat Brown

Secretary: Mike Lilly

Treasurer: Frances Fleming (Acting)


Talent Coordinator: Abdul Rasheed

Production Coordinator: Keith Collins

Parliamentarian: Mike Lilly

Promotion/Publicity:  Peggy Brown

Our History

A group of blues enthusiasts and musicians started meeting in 2006 with the idea of forming a Blues Society in Central Mississippi. These persons included: Carol Marble, Jesse Robinson, and Peggy Brown as the core early organization. There was not an official group in Central Mississippi organized around promoting blues music. That same year, the group formally organized itself and designated the organization as the Central Mississippi Blues Society. The organization moved to establish itself legally incorporating under the Laws of the State of Mississippi and by obtaining a tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service and begun to develop its By-Laws and strategies for operating. The organization appointed its first president in 2006.


In 2007, the appointed president resigned and the group appointed a leading member to serve out the term until the By-Laws were established and formal elections could be held. During the same year, the By-Laws were adopted and a formal election held to elect the first group of officers. Since that time, the organization has developed several programs, participated in community activities, and established a format for promoting live blues and related music.






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